Danilo de Simone is the new Vice President of UWPIAA

Danilo de Simone has been elected vice-president on the board of governors of the Up with People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA) starting September 1, 2017, after an election process of several months.


Dear Danilo, congratulations for your new position. What are your goals for your 2 years term?


First of all, I am at service for the members of the UWP international alumni association and UWP. A goal is to motivate other Europeans e.g. to get involved in board positions or committee works. Furthermore, to set step by step phases with a systematic and result-oriented approach. But before that, main directions to take have to be discussed between board members.


Why do you think the European perspective in the UWPIAA is important?


Every perspective from each corner of the world brings a better understanding of humankind. But this is only possible if there is a will and openness. And all that we try day by day locally, in UWPIAA and UWP. Nice project, isn’t?


What are the projects you are excited about working on in UWPIAA?


I have my first meeting in Melbourne, FL, USA, beginning of November. To work with international board members is exciting but also challenging. I will take time for a team spirit, an information gathering and an implementation phase, like milestones to be measured. Development work or fundraising on a world scale is also a topic I want to learn more and find out about which is the best way. All initiatives should be based on the alumni and UWP because we are a service oriented association.


What is your motivation on investing so much time into the UWPIAA?


The specific service-oriented and energy- given moments, also locally by preparing an UWP cast arrival or a European meeting, are great motivation moments.

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