Message from Up with People to the Community

Dear Up with People Community

The past two years have been extraordinary in the challenges and opportunities the pandemic has created for Up with People. Through it all, we have benefited from the strong leadership of our President & CEO Vernon C. Grigg III and the small but mighty team that has kept us afloat.  Now, as we set a course for a new beginning – one with new programming, added staff, and new platforms for young people from across the globe to say (or sing) what’s on their mind, we are writing to let you know about a couple of exciting organizational developments. We think you will agree that the news we share with you today provides for an exciting future in terms of our programming, as well as our forward-leaning leadership structure and strategy.

As you know from our last message, we secured and recently announced a $200,000 grant from the Colorado Arts Relief Fund. We now have more good news to share! Vernon and the team have secured a $2 million, 30-year Covid relief loan from the United States’ Small Business Administration through the Economic Injury Disaster Relief Loan or EIDL program. This funding is a milestone achievement because it provides long-needed financial stability and enables a whole new range of possibilities for our future.

With this working capital in hand, and in anticipation of the next phase of rebuilding and relaunching – Vernon has proposed, and the Board of Directors have agreed, that the time is right for an expanded leadership structure. Accordingly, Vernon will transition his attention to communications, partnerships, and strategic growth as President of Up with People. The organization will begin searching for the next generation of Chief Executive Officer who will build out the operational team and help lead Up with People into the future. 

Building on our momentum and with the wind at our back, we have great faith in the foundation Vernon and his team have created. Now, with new resources, new staff, and added leadership, we are in a great position to step into the future with a renewed commitment to fulfilling the dreams of young people to build a better world. 


Great things are ahead for Up with People!

With Gratitude,
The Up with People Leadership Team: Robert Cygnaeus – Board Chairm

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