New faces on the board and a new honorary member

Millions of associations and clubs all over the world would not be functioning without billions of hours of volunteer work. And without volunteer work, the UWPSAA, the UWPIAA and even UWP would not be able to exist.

At our 30th General Assembly we honored one of these persons, that have been working for over 30 years in various positions for UWP and the alumni in Switzerland, Europe and worldwide. Thank you, Danilo de Simone (E86), for all you have done so far and welcome as our newest honorary member of the association.

“Someone has to do it“, is an often heard answer, when those people are asked, why they are spending so much of their time in volunteer work. I believe it is more than just this pragmatic view. Personally, it gives me a good feeling being involved in meaningful projects that serve a good purpose. It is fun to work with so many different people on different topics and it enlarges my network. I have joy in seeing things develop and grow. And yes, you get something back – every smile, thank you, or pat on the back are motivation to move on.

I am very happy that we were able to find three new board members, that are volunteering to work for the UWPSAA and help us to run the club in the next years. Thank you Seraina Brenn (A12), Janet Barnes (A91) and Alex Blum (D89). I am looking forward to work with you!

Oliver Ege, A92, President

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