New Summer program of Up with People: ChangemakerU (age 18-20)

As you know, because of COVID-19 Up with People had to seize it’s operation. Until we can start the touring program again in early 2022. we created a new program for only this summer as we wait for the world to reopen. It is a very unique summer camp that will take place in Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA, July 11-31, 2021, for young adults between 18-20 years. The website will offer the most comprehensive information and that’s also where people can apply:

The ChangemakerU Summer Program is a unique opportunity as Up with People is reimagining our impact in a post-COVID world. By participating, you will help us continue our fifty-five year mission by providing feedback about your experience during and after the program.

Up with People is committed to providing accessible exchange experiences. Thanks to the generosity of partners and supporters, Up with People is able to subsidize the cost of ChangemakerU to $1800 and offer additional need-based scholarships. For young people from Switzerland it is possible to get support out of the «UWPSAA Scholarship found». Please contact the board with the contact form.

If you have any questions, please contact: Sabine Mikulas, Admissions Advisor Europe,

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