Notes from the Board – November 2017

The 2nd Swiss Alumni Meeting SAM took place in Interlaken October 27 – 29 – including the General assembly of the association. For me it was a very special GA: We finally got to present and to vote on the new bylaws that the board was working on for several months. With the new bylaws, we will be able to work better towards our goal, to improve and ensure communication among the members of the UWPSAA and other Alumni. From today, all UWP Alumni living in Switzerland are automatically passiv members of the association and will be contacted on a regular base.

Why should I stay an active member you might ask? Our active members are still the most important for the future of the UWPSAA. And it doesn’t matter if you are really “active” or just support us with your annual fee and by reading the news in the INSIDE or on our website. Without you, we would not be able to support the future students and to donate to the various social projects every year. It is also thanks to you, that we are able to organize the EAM 2018 in Switzerland. So even if you are not taking part on the SAM or our snow-weekend, we are still very thankful for your active support.

Do you ask yourself sometimes, what UWP can contribute to today’s world? And what impact do we have as alumni? Please take some time and watch the speech of Dale Penny, CEO of UWP, held this summer at the reunion in Tucson .

For me it was one of the best speeches I heard in UWP and it brings it to the point, why these organization is still needed. “Every place UWP visited, we made things a little bit better, a little bit more respectful and a little bit more understanding. We nudge the world just a little bit towards peace – and if people are not nudging towards peace, they are heading the other way.”

Oliver Ege, A92

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