Since 1995 every year the UWPSAA provides financial support to a social project, which can be an individual in need or an organization which works towards improving the living conditions of people in need. The SoCo is responsible for searching, evaluating and presenting a proposal to the General Assembly who selects the project to be supported in that year. As an important requirement there should always be a personal connection between an Up with People alumni and the project.


Chance Swiss – against trafficking in India&Nepal – Covid19 Emergency help. Money will be used for 70 food parcels for women in the red light district of Kalighat.


Stiftung Domino and Dinner for Joy

Dinner for Joy is an organization that has the goal to give back some joy to parents in a heavy situation. They organize free dinners for parents with children with heavy injuries or handicaps.

The Stiftung Domino provides sophisticated offers for adults with specific care needs, including 51 residences and 156 workplaces in a protected environment.


Katlehong FootlockersTeboho Moloi (32) and Venter Teele Rashaba (28) are two passionate and successful Pantsula dancers. The UWPSAA money will be used to buy second hand lightning equipment which will allow the dancers to perform also in the evening in the township and bring some culture into these forgotten neighborhoods. So it will literally bring light into Katlehong. It’s an engagement into a hopeful and less violent post apartheid society.


Other projects presented:


Jan Tünnemann, a 13-year young boy from Fehraltorf. After a tremendous explosion Jan lost both of his hands. The donation from UWPSAA made it possible for Jan to do sport activities, for which he needs special support or technical equipment.


Other projects presented: Verein Netzwerk Asyl Aargau



Marc-Blaser-Stiftung will use the money for the basic living cost for handicapped people in Angola.



Forrer activity will use the money for a camp-week.

2015_herzensbilder will use the money for paying the insurance for the photo-Angels (who are all volunteers).



Light School Ghana will use the money to build toilets for their kids at school.


Zischtig.ch_Logo offers workshops to sensibilize/teach school children, their parents and their teachers or educators how to use the social media in a safe way.


Casa azul, treatment for children in need with craniofacial deformities in Mexico



Kovive, vacations in Swiss hostfamilies for children in need from Switzerland.

If you have questions about how to be part of the Social Commitee or if you have a project that you would like to see us support, don’t hesitate to contact Eliane Eicher:

Former projects

The following individuals or organizations have received financial support from the UWPSAA:
2010    Parasolka, support to build a cow stable at a home for young handicapped people in the Ukraine

2009    MS Society, group stay for people suffering from Multiple sclerosis, Switzerland

2008    Fragile Suisse, printing of a booklet for relatives of brain injured people

2006    Kailash Projects, Tibetan Medical and Astro Institute Mt. Kailash, Tibet

2005    Family Mathis, Alp Bielen, rebuilding a barn, Switzerland

2004    Vanasthali Rural Development Centre in Pune, Empowerment of rural Women, India

2003    Stiftung Sternschnuppe, fulfils wishes of severly ill children, Switzerland

2002    Stiftung Sternschnuppe, fulfils wishes of severly ill children, Switzerland

2001    Sun for all children, street children project in Manila, Philippines

2000    Kinderspital Zürich: Vacation for children suffering from kidney disease

2000    ASAYI, AIDS prevention in Kitwe, Zambia

1999    CEDECOAC, center for street children in Mexico

1999    Hermann Gmeiner Social Centre for street children in Pune, India

1998    Kinderspital Zürich: support to a severly ill child

1998    Education project for Roma children in Hungary

1997    Medical treatment for an individual in Bali

1996    Familie Trachsler at Alp Wildeneggli, Switzerland

1995    Eduardo Aguirre Fund

Additionally the SoCo provides the opportunity for interested members to get to know the various projects through a personal visit. For example the SoCo organized a weekend with the family Mathis. Since 2001 the SoCo has as well organized a yearly “Alp-Weekend” at Alp Bielen above Grafenort, where we help a mountain farmer and his family with their daily tasks such as pitching hay or building a path.