The world is changing, and so are we

We all know that we live in a world that is changing constantly. Some things are changing so fast, that we struggle to get in step with it. And some things change rather slow, so that we need to stop for a while and look back to realize the differences to our lives today. Just think back to the days when you travelled in Up with People and how much everything has changed since then…

I just finished reading Yuval Noah Harari’s book «A Brief History of Mankind / Eine kurze Geschichte der Menschheit». It helped me in some way to understand, where the world stands today and how many changes humanity went through in the past 10’000 years.

Speaking about changes: UWP started in 2020 with the new CEO Vernon Grigg III and changes in their organization. And then faced with Covid-19 a very difficult situation, that endangers the whole operation of the company.

And at last: This will be the last notes from the board from my side. After 12 years serving on the board of UWPSAA, I decided to step back on the next GA this fall. The last 6 years as president of the association have been a very rewarding time. I was fortuned to work with great people on the board for a very openminded association. We had challenges, but we also have many successful stories to look back on to. I will still be around and support UWP and the UWPSAA when needed.

Thank you for being part of the UWPSAA!

Oliver Ege, A92 President UWPSAA

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