Up with People on Swiss Television: «Jetzt oder nie» with Sira Oesze (A2018)

There are People, who turn their life upside down and put all one’s eggs in one basket, to furfill their dreams. «Jetzt oder nie – Lebe deinen Traum» shows the stories of four Swiss, who live their dream. One of them is Sira Oesze (19) who travelled with Cast A 2018 of Up with People. The Show airs on Saturday, 29 September 2018 on SRF1.


Three weeks of holidays abroad, that was the longest time until now that Sira Oesze, 19, was away from home. Now, after graduating from high school and before studying, it is the ideal time for the young woman from Kilchberg ZH to change this and start an adventure. She wants to travel the world for six months. And not only that: she wants to show her dance talent at 30 shows in six different countries. In Denver, together with 100 other young people from all over the world, she will study a music show and then go on a tour that will shape her life. The journey takes the young people to Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Kosovo.


Swiss Television accompanied Sira on her journey. On Saturday, 29 September 2018 at 8.10 PM you will see her journey in the Show «Jetzt oder nie – Lebe deinen Traum» (only in German).


Find more on the website of SRF: https://www.srf.ch/sendungen/unterhaltungssendungen/jetzt-oder-nie-lebe-deinen-traum-mit-kiki-maeder-2


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